Oh What Fun It Is To Ride......

Snuggle down under the warmth of the sleigh blanket with your friends and family to enjoy crossing through the snowy countryside.  What an experience!

Ideally, you should make your reservation at least two days prior to the day you would like to sleigh ride. Advance reservations help to ensure that you are able to visit the day and time you prefer. Since we do have other farming activities to keep us plenty busy, we do depend on the advance reservations in the Winter weather months for scheduling our day’s workload.  A reservation helps us to be better prepared for you.

Please feel free to call if we can help in any way.
(301) 387-6890



Skiing tops the list of Deep Creek winter activities, whether you have a need for downhill speed or like to cross-country through the fields. Snowshoeing, tubing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling round out your winter wonderland experience. Swallow Falls freezes over becoming a magical destination for those who like to travel crispy trails.

Pack your warm coats, wool socks and gloves and dig in for a fun experience you won’t soon forget! Check out some of the winter fun on the Youtube Videos.