I am a professional photographer focused on vacation rental homes and real estate photography, at Deep Creek Lake Maryland. When people are searching for homes, they search by price range, location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. But then once they have "the list", the visual piece becomes a larger and more important part of the decision. I want people to say,"what a house" and be motivated enough to take action. Whether they rent a vacation home or buy a vacation home or permanent residence. Taking great and unique photos is something that comes with experience and requires a certain kind of attention to detail.  Photos are the first impression and can generate interest and excitement. As the sayiing goes....a picture is worth a thousand words.
Take a look a some of my photograhy including being the pioneer in some area unique photo techniques.





"Not only are great photos important but the right photos are just as important" Looking for that "Money Shot".

Carol Wills, Deep Creek Lake Photographer

Professional Photography

 Aerial Pole Photography

There are only a handful of reasons why anybody would erect a 20 foot pole into the sky with an expensive camera attached to the other end.....
For over 10 years I have been using Pole Aerial Photography, also known as PAP. PAP allows me to get a higher vantage point. Gives my photos a unique and different look. Photos are eye catching as it is a view that most of use are not used to seeing. 
Of couse if I really want to do something really cool, I have access to a drone photographers.
My PAP technique is not only used on exteriors, but interiors as well.


Twilight Photos

Something new for me is learning about Twilight photos. I look at what type of photos are being taken around the area and I just don't see many Twilight. I have now added these type of photos to my photo shoots.

0. DSC09995-ff.jpg
0. twilight.jpg

 Photo Staging

E 1920 x 1440 exterior 1firepit copy.jpg
Photo staging is really important to show off the features of a home. It is not always feasible to build fires in fireplace and fire-pits. So photo editing is an option. Other items are much easier to manage as it just takes a little more time and attention to detail.

22_DSC5292 copy.jpg
  • Hot tub covers need to be off and jets on
  • Fire in fireplaces and outdoor fire-pits
  • Pool table covers need to be removed and the balls racked
  • Adding special photos to TV screens
  • Lights need to be on
  • Remove covers from barbecue grills and so on.........
0. DSC02160.jpg
6. CC lower main 4.jpg
E 1920 x 1440 exterior 4 copy.jpg

More Unique Ideas

The first photo is of a photo insert that I edited into the camera screen. The second photo is a deck overlooking the lake at Will O' The Wisp Prestige Condos. I edited in a tray of cheese, crackers and wine. The last photo has a photo on the tv screen that I edited in. It is the deck outside of the window in the photo.

6. DSC03825-2.jpg

Panoramic Photos

Panoramic photos add a new dinamic to photos. They are fun to take and totally unexpected in today's real estate market photos. I shoot many of my exterior shots with a panoramic setting.

These type of photos are also great for large indoor spaces. The nice thing about panoramic photos is that you can crop them and get a completely new look.

See My Samples Below>>>>

Did you know that panoramic photos can be vertical OR horizontal? Anytime photos take on a different look it creates added interest!